TradeM International Workshop 2014 »Economics of integrated assessment approaches for agriculture and the food sector«

Klaus Mittenzwei, Floor Brouwer, Franz Sinabell


Climate change, food security, and agricultural production interact in complex ways. A major challenge for scientists is to understand and assess the biological, economic, and ecological interdependencies in the context of climate change and food Security. More and better knowledge is necessary to aid politicians, stakeholders and farmers in their decisions.

The Knowledge Hub FACCE MACSUR (Modelling European Agriculture with ClimateChange for Food Security) ( assembles the excellence of Research in Europe in crop, livestock and economic modelling. MACSUR cooperates with the AgMIP community ( and particularly welcomes AgMIP contributions.

The workshop will bring together researchers with interest in Integrated assessment approaches which are used to analyze agriculture, food security and climate change. 

The event has four major goals:

  1. to critically discuss the state-of-the-art and future perspectives of Integrated assessment approaches
  2.  to study and assess examples of applied modelling approaches integrating crop, livestock, and economic models
  3. to foster international collaboration in the research areas of food security, climate change, and agrosystem modelling
  4. to plan and identify next steps to achieve TradeM contributions to MACSUR goals

Keynote speakers: 

  • John Antle, Oregon State University, and co-leader of the Economics Team of AgMIP
  • Josef Schmidhuber, FAO
  • Eric Nævdal, Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research at the University of Oslo

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