Paper on model responses to selected adverse weather conditions

Miroslav Trnka, Petr Hlavinka, Markéta Wimmerová, Eva Pohanková, Reimund Rötter, Jørgen E. Olesen, Kurt-Christian Kersebaum, Mikhael Semenov


Based on the Trnka et al. (2015) study that indicated that heat and drought will be the most important stress factors for most of the European what area the further effort focused on these two extremes. The crop model HERMES has been tested for its ability to replicate correctly drought stress, heat stress and combination of both stresses. While data on the drought stress were available for both field and growth chambers, heat stress and its combination with heat stress was available only for the growth chambers. The modified version of the HERMES crop model was developed by Dr. Kersebaum and is being currently prepared for the journal paper publication. 


crop modelling

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