Using indicators to inform agricultural decision making

Giovanni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia


Most farmers carry out several types of activity of their land (different crops or livestock) and use a wide range of agricultural techniques. They often need to address one of the following questions. How would the economic returns from my various activities be affected by using production practices which have different effects on soil conservation or degradation? How would the economic returns from these activities change, if the product price and/or subsidies structure and/or input costs changed? ManPrAs is a tool for Agricultural Management Practices Assessment developed. It is a method, to assess the sustainability of different agricultural practices by combining their soil conservation index (SCI) with their economic results (Gross Margin-GM). It also simulates the impact of alternative crops and management techniques on soil degradation, farm profitability and other socio-economic aspects. ManPrAs is strongly user-orientated and is a powerful simulation tool for farmers and stakeholders involved in land management.

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