Stakeholder consultation on functions of grasslands in Europe

Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar


Active participation of stakeholders was one of the key objectives of the FP7-funded project MultiSward (Grant Agreement n° FP7-244983). MultiSward aimed to increase the reliance of farmers on grasslands and on multi-species swards for competitive and sustainable ruminant production systems. Stakeholders were consulted via international and national meetings. Furthermore, an on-line questionnaire on the functions of grasslands was developed in eight languages and almost 2000 valid responses were obtained from European stakeholders. All of the stakeholder groups that were identified as being important in the stakeholder analysis responded to the questionnaire: primary producers, policy makers, researchers, advisors, NGO’s (for nature conservation and for protection of the environment), industry (mainly processing and seed industry) and education. This method of stakeholder consultation will be illustrated using the results on appreciation of the following functions of grasslands: adaptation to climate change, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration.

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