Parameter-induced uncertainty quantification of a regional N2O and NO3 inventory using the biogeochemical model LandscapeDNDC

Edwin Haas, Steffen Klatt, Ralf Kiese, Ignacio Santa Barbara Ruiz, David Kraus


In this study we quantify regional parameter-induced model uncertainty on nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions and nitrate (NO3) leaching from arable soils of Saxony (Germany) using the biogeochemical model LandscapeDNDC. For this we calculate a regional inventory using a joint parameter distribution for key parameters describing microbial C and N turnover processes as obtained by a Bayesian calibration study. We representatively sampled 400 different parameter vectors from the discrete joint parameter distribution comprising approximately 400,000 parameter combinations and used these to calculate 400 individual realizations of the regional inventory. The spatial domain (represented by 4042 polygons) is set up with spatially explicit soil and climate information and a region-typical 3-year crop rotation consisting of winter wheat, rape- seed, and winter barley.

Average N2O emission from arable soils in the state of Saxony across all 400 realizations was 1.43 ± 1.25 [kg N / ha] with a median value of 1.05 [kg N / ha]. Using the default IPCC emission factor approach (Tier 1) for direct emissions reveal a higher average N2O emission of 1.51 [kg N / ha] due to fertilizer use. In the regional uncertainty quantification the 20% likelihood range for N2O emissions is 0.79 – 1.37 [kg N / ha] (50% likelihood: 0.46 – 2.05 [kg N / ha]; 90% likelihood: 0.11 – 4.03 [kg N / ha]). Respective quantities were calculated for nitrate leaching.

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