Modelling emissions of greenhouse gases from dairy farms in the Netherlands using DairyWise

Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar, Aart Evers, Michel de Haan


The DairyWise model (Schils et al., 2007) is an empirical model that simulates technical, environmental, and financial processes on a dairy farm. The central component is the FeedSupply model that balances the herd requirements, as generated by the DairyHerd model, and the supply of home-grown feeds, as generated by the crop models for grassland and silage maize. The GrassGrowth model predicts the daily rate of DM accumulation of grass, including several feed quality parameters. Depending on (daily) grazing, the amount of grass silage is calculated which also leads to the purchase (or sale) of roughage. The final output is a farm plan describing cattle performance, crop yield, grazing, feeding, and nutrient flows and the consequences on the environment and economy. The capabilities of DairyWise will be illustrated at the MACSUR meeting in Sassari with results of dairy farming in the Netherlands: farm characteristics, economics, NPK balances and greenhouse gas emissions.


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