General outline of plans for an extension phase of MACSUR

Martin Köchy, Martin Banse, Richard Tiffin, Frank Ewert, Reimund Rötter, Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar, Floor Brouwer, Franz Sinabell, Jason Jorgenson, Elis Sætnan, Richard Kipling


FACCE MACSUR has indicated a possible extension of funding by two years until May 2017 (phase 2).

For phase 2, hub and theme coordinators suggest the following main activities, that will be discussed during the remainder of the meeting and in the coming months.

  • Evolution, upscaling, and transfer of knowledge gained in regional case studies.
  • Assessment of additional scenarios of socio-economic and climate trends.
  • Further development of an interdisciplinary scientific community.
  • Extending scaling methods for crop models to the European and global scale.
  • Intensification of feed quality and animal health modelling with climate change.
  • Economic models from farm to global level capable of reflecting climate change.

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