Agrimod: The Agricultural Modelling Knowledge Hub Website

Mike Rivington


Agrimod is a new web-based Agricultural Modelling Knowledge Hub covering crop, livestock and trade models and the data they require, plus a wide range of supporting tools and resources. The purpose is to address the growing need, particularly in developing countries, of building national capabilities for researching agriculture and food security using models. To support research in this area, Agrimod provides a facility enabling users to access information and data needed to more successfully develop and employ agricultural modelling. Registered users can add new information about models, data, case studies, training, funding sources etc., whilst also being able to edit existing content  and contribute to discussion threads on key modelling issues. It will serve as a model, data and case study inventory. The vision is to unite the existing agricultural modelling community by providing a platform whereby models can be showcased, their applications discussed and new collaborations built, streamlining the process by which new model activities are developed. Moreover, Agrimod is intended to be a user–friendly information portal to people in other areas of research or new to agricultural modelling, looking to develop skills and acquire first-hand knowledge on agricultural modelling research. Thus Agrimod serves as a central knowledge hub for information on agricultural modelling activities worldwide and can be used by MACSUR as a complimentary information dissemination tool.

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