MACSUR Phase 1 Final Administrative Report: Public release

Martin Köchy, André Bannink, Martin Banse, Floor Brouwer, Katharina Brüser, Frank Ewert, Christine Foyer, Richard Kipling, Reimund Rötter, Nigel Scollan, Franz Sinabell


MACSUR's foremost charge is improving the methodology for integrative inter-disciplinary modelling of European agriculture. In addition to technical changes, improvements include the involvement of stakeholders for setting research priorities, scenarios (if-then evaluations), and model parameters to more realistic or region-specific values. The Knowledge Hub currently brings together 300 members from 18 countries and has generated 300 scientific papers, over 500 presentations and 20 workshops and conferences within the first three years. Scientific results are communicated in conferences and workshops, where policymakers take part by invitation or because of professional interest. These events also provide opportunities for direct dialogues between policy­makers and scientists. The primary form of output of the research network is scientific publications that are cited in policy documents by relevant administrative depart­ments, ministries, intergovern­mental agencies, and directorate-generals, and non-governmental interest groups. MACSUR members also contribute directly to policy documents as authors, e.g. the EEA's indicator report on CC impacts or the IPCC's 5th assessment report's chapter on food security.




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