National and transnational dairy cows biometeorological datasets linked to productive, reproductive and health performances data

Nicola Lacetera


Different datasets have been completed and are now available for the analysis of interannual  and seasonal variations of productive, reproductive or health data relative to  intensively dairy cows and also to establish the relationships between temperature  humidity index (THI) and dairy cow performances. Datasets are referred to different  European countries (Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Slovenia) with different climatic  features. All these datasets have data relative to Animal Pedigree (Cow ID, Birth date,  Breed, Sire ID and Dam ID), Test-day records (Cow ID, Herd ID, Parity, Calving date, Test  date, Milk yield, Milk fat and protein (%), Milk somatic cell score), Reproductive events  (Cow ID, Herd ID, Parity, Calving date, AI date, Sire ID, Days Open, NRR-56 day), and Daily  meteorological records (Meteo station ID, Zip code of the meteo station, Observation date,  Max temperature, Min temperature, Mean temperature, Max relative humidity, Min  relative humidity, Mean relative humidity, Solar radiation, Wind speed). The dataset  relative to Italy includes also Mortality data (Animal ID, Herd ID, Death date) and Bulk milk  quality data (Herd ID, Test date, Fat & protein (%), Somatic cell score, Bacterial count,  Herd latitude, Herd longitude, Herd elevation). An additional database is still under  construction and will be based on Spanish data from organic dairy farms.

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