Climate Modelling and Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction: Opportunities and Challenges

Steven Woolnough


Dr Steve Woolnough is a Principal Research Fellow in the Climate directorate of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, and leads their Tropical Group. His interests are in the variability of the Tropical Climate System on intraseasonal to seasonal timescales, and the representation of the tropical climate system in weather and climate prediction models. He is a member of three international panels of the WMO including the Steering Group of their sub-seasonal to seasonal prediction project. 

Dr Woolnough will discuss the current state of climate modelling and introduce some of the uncertainties in prediction of regional climate change, and the opportunities to narrow these uncertainties. He will also discuss the current state of sub-seasonal to seasonal prediction and introduce the WCRP/WWRP Sub-seasonal Prediction Project, a new WMO project to promote research into and application of operational prediction systems.

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