Regional impacts of climate change, observations and projections. Finnish Pilot study: North Savo region

Perttu Virkajärvi, Heikki Lehtonen, Kirsi Järvenranta


  • Regional adjustment of regulation is important (eg. water protection) 
    • Due to expected growing yield potential fertilisation restrictions need adjustment
    • Nitrate directive restricts efficient and sustainable grass production
    • Greening practices have only slight – and partly negative  - impact on ruminant production (permanent grassland not suitable for northern conditions)
  • Inefficient markets for agricultural land cause difficulties for farms that are increasing their production
    • Capitalisation of area payments to land prices + incentives for extensification (e.g. nature management and other set aside schemes under pillar 2) fit better part-time crop farms, not full-time livestock farms
    • they express frustration on weak land supply
  • Production based support for suckler cows and (dairy originated) beef production is vital for producers
    • No significant increase in production expected, budgetary limits of coupled supports

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