Agriculture and land use in the Commission proposals for the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

Peter Wehrheim


Introduction: policy context
•Impact Assessment: options, models, examples
•Proposal for Effort Sharing Regulation and LULUCF Regulation
•Conclusions and Outlook: more work for modellers


1. Fully in line with Paris Agreement, no backsliding on robustness and transparency
2.Provides for continuity
•Addresses Member States and not individual farmers or foresters
•Stand-alone LULUCF pillar
•No-debit rule (from KP)
•Flexibility within LULUCF and from ESR to LULUCF

3.Proposes limited innovations
•Flexibility to the ESR up to 280 mt CO2
•Aligning accounting rules (AF,CM/GM)
•Defining EU-internal process to set national forest management levels
•Simplifying administration
Conclusions (2)

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