Global Representative Agricultural Pathways for Europe

Anne Biewald, Franz Sinabell, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Andrea Zimmermann, Heikki Lehtonen


Agricultural elements have been covered in the scenario process on shared socio-economic  pathways (SSPs) incompletely and pathways have not been specified for the future  development of the European Union. We will therefore devise a general framework on  European Representative Agricultural Pathways (EU-RAPs), where we cover different  aspects of agricultural development, as for example European and domestic agricultural and  environmental policies, or different livestock and crop management systems, and describe  future developments of the confederation of the countries of the European Union. For the  agricultural elements we distinguish between elements that can be derived from the  definitions in the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways, as for example irrigation efficiencies  which are linked to technological development, and elements that have to be newly devised  such as the development of the Common Agricultural Policy. For the future of the European  Union we develop five different worlds which correspond to the SSPs. Finally both  frameworks are combined.

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