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MACSUR Science Conference 2015: Presentations

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Vol 5 (2015) Productivity Implications of Extreme Precipitation Events: the case of Dutch Wheat Farmers Abstract   PDF
Jeff Powell
Vol 5 (2015) Crop yield variance and yield gap analysis for evaluating technological innovations under climate change: the case of Finnish barley Abstract
Reimund Rötter
Vol 5 (2015) Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Technology Management in the Transylvanian Plain, Romania Abstract
Teodor Rusu
Vol 5 (2015) Are we building a better connected community? Abstract
Eli Saetnan
Vol 5 (2015) The greenhouse gas emissions intensity of herds with mastitis Abstract   PDF
Şeyda Özkan
Vol 5 (2015) Understanding Europe’s future ability to feed itself within an uncertain climate change and socio economic scenario space Abstract   PDF
Daniel Sandars
Vol 5 (2015) Ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from grazing cattle in Kenya Details
Alberto Sanz-Cobena
Vol 5 (2015) Addressing the joint challenges of climate change and food security Abstract   PDF
Pete Smith
Vol 5 (2015) Heat tolerance in wheat identified as a key trait for increased yield potential in Europe under climate change Abstract   PDF
Mikhail A. Semenov
Vol 5 (2015) Yield gap analysis of cereals in Europe supported by local knowledge Abstract   PDF
René Schils
Vol 5 (2015) The role of CAP direct payment in the support and stabilisation of farm income: empirical evidences from a constant sample of Italian farms Abstract   PDF
Antonella Tantari
Vol 5 (2015) Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Impacts at Landscape Level in the Austrian Mostviertel Region Abstract   PDF
Martin Schönhart
Vol 5 (2015) Modeling the effects of Climate Change on dairy farms: an integration of livestock and economic models. Abstract   PDF
Davide Dell'Unto
Vol 5 (2015) Climate change impact on production and income of Mediterranean farming systems: a case study Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Dono
Vol 5 (2015) The economic impact of changes in climate variability on milk production in the area of Grana Padano Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Dono
Vol 5 (2015) Pilot study at North Savo region Abstract   PDF
Heikki Lehtonen
Vol 5 (2015) Identifying where future landuse allocation in Europe is robust to climate and socio-economic uncertainty Abstract   PDF
Ian Holman
Vol 5 (2015) Intercomparison of timothy models in northern countries Abstract   PDF
Panu Korhonen
Vol 5 (2015) A prototype stochastic dynamic equilibrium model of the global food system Abstract   PDF
Øyvind Hoveid
Vol 5 (2015) Simulating crop rotations and management across climatic zones in Europe – an intercomparison study using fifteen models Abstract   PDF
Kurt Christian Kersebaum
Vol 5 (2015) A comparison of farm-scale models to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farms in Europe Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Hutchings
Vol 5 (2015) Ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from grazing cattle in Kenya Abstract
Mercedes Ibañez
Vol 5 (2015) An economist’s wish list for soil and crop modelling Abstract
Øyvind Hoveid
Vol 5 (2015) Season and temperature humidity index related changes of productive and health parameters in dairy cows and pigs Abstract   PDF
Nicola Lacetera
Vol 5 (2015) An approach to sustainability management within partnerships between heterogeneous actors – example from a Danish water catchment, dominated by dairy farms Abstract   PDF
Chris Kjeldsen
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