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MACSUR Science Conference 2015: Presentations

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Vol 5 (2015) Determining the variability in optimal sowing date of spring cereals in South Eastern Norway Abstract
Tomas Persson
Vol 5 (2015) Inter-comparison of statistical models for projecting winter oilseed rape yield in Europe under climate change Abstract   PDF
Behzad Sharif
Vol 5 (2015) The FACCE-ERA-Net Plus project “Climate smart Agriculture on Organic Soils” (CAOS) Abstract
Arndt Piayda
Vol 5 (2015) Climate change and policy impacts on protein crop production: a case study on integrated modeling Abstract   PDF
Franz Sinabell
Vol 5 (2015) Observed and simulated growth, development and yield of field-grown tomato in the Elbe lowland, the Czech Republic Abstract
Vera Potopová
Vol 5 (2015) A crop model ensemble analysis of wheat yield sensitivity to changes in temperature and precipitation across a European transect Abstract   PDF
Nina Pirttioja
Vol 5 (2015) Productivity Implications of Extreme Precipitation Events: the case of Dutch Wheat Farmers Abstract   PDF
Jeff Powell
Vol 5 (2015) Crop yield variance and yield gap analysis for evaluating technological innovations under climate change: the case of Finnish barley Abstract
Reimund Rötter
Vol 5 (2015) Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Technology Management in the Transylvanian Plain, Romania Abstract
Teodor Rusu
Vol 5 (2015) Are we building a better connected community? Abstract
Eli Saetnan
Vol 5 (2015) The greenhouse gas emissions intensity of herds with mastitis Abstract   PDF
Şeyda Özkan
Vol 5 (2015) Understanding Europe’s future ability to feed itself within an uncertain climate change and socio economic scenario space Abstract   PDF
Daniel Sandars
Vol 5 (2015) Sensitivity of crop water and N stress to soil input data in regional cropyield simulations and the implications for data aggregation effects: a case study with the COUP-model Abstract
Elsa Coucheney
Vol 5 (2015) Sector level agricultural development following different adaptations to climate change Abstract   PDF
Heikki Lehtonen
Vol 5 (2015) The implication of input data aggregation on upscaling of soil organic carbon changes Abstract   PDF
Bálazs Grosz
Vol 5 (2015) Implementation of the GTAP emission database in MAGNET; applications at European and global scales Abstract   PDF
John Helming
Vol 5 (2015) Elevated CO2 impacts bell pepper growth with consequences in the feeding behaviour and performance of the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae Abstract
Beatriz Dader
Vol 5 (2015) Reducing uncertainty in prediction of wheat performance under climate change Abstract   PDF
Pierre Martre
Vol 5 (2015) Models for regional scale farming system evaluation of climate change mitigation options and environmental impact assessment Abstract   PDF
Tommy Dalgaard
Vol 5 (2015) The importance of climate and policy uncertainty in Norwegian agriculture Abstract   PDF
Klaus Mittenzwei
Vol 5 (2015) Modeling the effects of Climate Change on dairy farms: an integration of livestock and economic models. Abstract   PDF
Davide Dell'Unto
Vol 5 (2015) Climate change impact on production and income of Mediterranean farming systems: a case study Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Dono
Vol 5 (2015) The economic impact of changes in climate variability on milk production in the area of Grana Padano Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Dono
Vol 5 (2015) Pilot study at North Savo region Abstract   PDF
Heikki Lehtonen
Vol 5 (2015) Identifying where future landuse allocation in Europe is robust to climate and socio-economic uncertainty Abstract   PDF
Ian Holman
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