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Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Recent advances in integrated assessments of climate change impacts on European agriculture. Abstract
H Webber, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Creating a dynamical farmer population model at country scale level. Abstract
V Beckers, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Integrated impact modelling of climate change and adaptation policies on land use and water resources in Austria" Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
M Schönhart, M Zessner, A Blaschke, J Parajka, G Hepp, B Strenn, H Trautvetter, E Schmid
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Multi-criteria tools for the assessment and implementation of geographically targeted measures to mitigate nutrient losses and adapt to climate change - examples from Denmark Abstract
T Dalgaard, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Effect of climate changes on plant disease under simulated conditions: challenges and limits Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
M Pugliese, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Modelling the impact of soil management on soil functions Abstract
H-J Vogel, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessing the role of farm-level adaptation in limiting the local economic impacts of more frequent extreme weather events in Dutch arable farming systems. Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
V Diogo, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement A new version of ORCHIDEE-GM with coupled carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus cycles: parameter calibration and model evaluation. Abstract
J Chang, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Drivers and trends for agricultural soil management – a foresight study for Germany Abstract
Anja Techen, Katharina Helming
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Increasing wheat yield potential and stability under climate change will require tolerance to drought during reproductive development Abstract
M. A. Semenov, P. Stratonovitch, M. J. Paul
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement A scenario-neutral approach to understanding the regional land use change and food supply consequences of future climate and socio economic change Abstract
Daniel Sanders
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Evaluation of CERES Wheat and Rice Model for changing Climatic Conditions in Haryana, India Abstract
Mamta Rana
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Can we be certain about future landuse change in Europe? A multi-scenario, integrated-assessment analysis Abstract   Poster   Abstract
Ian Holman
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