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Vol 3 (2014): Supplement “Methods of management with processes and resources in organizations and the economy”, “Application of water saving irrigation and fertigation systems in plants cultivation" Abstract
Waldemar Bojar, Jacek Zarski
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement General outline of plans for an extension phase of MACSUR Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Martin Köchy, Martin Banse, Richard Tiffin, Frank Ewert, Reimund Rötter, Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar, Floor Brouwer, Franz Sinabell, Jason Jorgenson, Elis Sætnan, Richard Kipling
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement MitiGate: an On-line Meta-Analysis Database of Mitigation Strategies for Enteric Methane Emissions Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Eli Rudinow Saetnan, Jolien B. Veneman
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Adaptation to climate change of Italian agricultural systems: the analysis of explorative scenarios. Abstract
Thi Phuoc Lai Nguyen, Giovanna Seddaiu, Camillo Tidore, Pier Paolo Roggero
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Vul’Clim – Climate change vulnerability studies in the region Auvergne (France) Abstract   Short Paper (PDF)
Gianni Bellocchi, Raphaël Martin, Anastasiya Shtiliyanova, Haythem Ben Touhami, Pascal Carrère
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Agrimod: The Agricultural Modelling Knowledge Hub Website Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Mike Rivington
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Spillovers between MACSUR and Austrian climate change research projects Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Martin Schönhart
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Stakeholder consultation on functions of grasslands in Europe Abstract
Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement TradeM synergies with AGMIP Abstract
Franz Sinabell, Floor Brouwer
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Using indicators to inform agricultural decision making Abstract
Giovanni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement TradeM theme progress overview Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Franz Sinabel, Floor Brouwer
Vol 3 (2014) The FACCE MACSUR Mid-Term Scientific Conference: ‘Achievements, Activities, Advancement’ Abstract   PDF
Martin Köchy
Vol 1 (2013) Strategy for the dissemination of outputs at national, EU, and global levels Abstract   PDF
Martin Köchy
Vol 1 (2013) Hub website and administrative tasks Abstract   PDF
Martin Köchy
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