Data sets of spatial variable data from Precision Agriculture data

Kurt Christian Kersebaum


Data sets from two fields in Germany and Italy with spatial variable soil and management information were distributed to crop growth modellers to investigate the site sensitivity of crop models. For the field in Germany data from 60 grid points were provided while the Italian data set consists of 100 data points. Spatial yield observations for wheat were available for three years to be compared with model outputs.


Precision Agriculture; data; site sensitivity, crop growth models


References of articles dealing which the data and model results will be added after the model exercise to keep relevant information hidden, which would interfer with the intended blind test of the models.

Jürschik, P., Giebel, A., Wendroth, O., 1999. Processing of point data from combine harvesters for precision farming. In: Stafford, J.V. (Ed.), Precision Agriculture 99. Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Precision Agriculture. Odense, Denmark, pp. 297–307.

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