Vul’Clim – Climate change vulnerability studies in the region Auvergne (France)

Gianni Bellocchi, Raphaël Martin, Anastasiya Shtiliyanova, Haythem Ben Touhami, Pascal Carrère


The region Auvergne (France) is a major livestock territory in Europe (beef and dairy cattle with permanent grasslands), with a place in climate change regional studies assisting policy makers and actors in identifying adaptation and mitigation measures. Vul’Clim is a research grant (Bourse Recherche Filière) of the region Auvergne (February 2014-September 2015) to develop model-based vulnerability analysis approaches for a detailed assessment of climate change impacts at regional scale. Its main goal is the creation of a computer-aided platform for vulnerability assessment of grasslands, in interaction with stakeholders from a cluster of eco-enterprises. A modelling engine provided by the mechanistic, biogeochemical model PaSim (Pasture Simulation model) is the core of the platform. An action studies the changes of scales by varying the granularity of the data available at a given scale (e.g. climate data supplied by global scenarios) to let them being exploited at another scale (e.g. high-resolution pixels). Another action is to develop an assessment framework linking modelling tools to entry data and outputs, including a variety of components: data-entry manager at different spatial resolutions; automatic computation of indicators; gap-filling and data quality check; simulation kernel with the model(s) used; device to represent results as maps and integrated indicators.

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