Operational database for storing and extracting data

Sander Janssen, Jens Grønbech Hansen, Jason Jorgensen, Margit Styrbæk Jørgensen


This deliverable lays out the work as done as part of MACSUR CropM on data, with the  focus on improving data management and have shared data curation for future use. The  issue was tackled with help from the MACSUR central hub coordination in the form of Jason  Jargenson from University of Reading. The data management as proposed and  implemented in this deliverable is very much a bottom up process, in which partners in a  meeting in Spring 2013 in Aarhus investigated the best way forward for data management  across activities in CropM.

As a follow up to this, the work was mainly divided in three  parts:  

1. The  Open  Data  Journal  for  Agricultural  Research,  mainly  focused  on  long  term  data  archival  and  citation  of  data  sets,  as  input  and  outputs  to  the  modelling  work,  as  part  of  MACSUR,  lead  by  Wageningen  UR  

2. The  Geonetwork  data  catalog  hosted  at  Aarhus  Universitet,  that  allows  for  operational  access  and  storage  of  data  sets  as  part  of  the  ongoing  work,  also  for  restricted  access  of  the  consortium,  and  as  a  first  step  to  visualization,  lead  by  Aarhus  Universitet.  

3. The  work  on  rating  data  sets,  that  provides  a  tool  for  improving  data  set  access  in  an  early  phase  for  connecting  them  to  models,  lead  by  Reading  University.  

At the end of the deliverable some next steps are giving for data activities in the context  of AgMIP and beyond.

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