Strategy for the dissemination of outputs at national, EU, and global levels

Martin Köchy


Dissemination of FACCE MACSUR will operate in a tiered manner to the scientific community, funding agencies, decision makers in policy and agri-food businesses, and the general public. Efforts by the MACSUR hub level are targeted at the supra-national level, while individual institutions target regional and national stakeholders.

The dissemination approaches will include multiple and various methods of information distribution including

• scientific papers and presentations,

• conferences, congresses, workshops, and courses targeted to specific stakeholders,

• a fully developed and interactive website,

• regular newsletters,

• flyers,

• alignment of methodologies and protocols with other research networks or projects.


Dissemination is both passive (web site, publications) and active (flyers, presentations, workshops held jointly with other projects or organizations, Twitter).

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