Appropriate meta-data for modellers

Richard Kipling, Kairsty Topp, Axel Don


Report D-L1.4.1 provided an overview of the data and related resources available online and through EU funded projects, relating to soil organic carbon (SOC), and carbon sequestration in grasslands in particular. Building on D-L1.4.1, the report presented here discusses how meta-data describing these types of data (and experimental data more generally) can best be presented in an online resource useful to grassland modellers requiring data to use in their modelling work. Identifying the useful categories of meta-data is a necessary precursor to providing such a resource, which could facilitate better communication between modelling and experimental research groups, allowing researchers to more efficiently locate relevant data and to link up with other scientists working on similar topics. A survey among grassland modelling teams and an assessment of online meta-data resources was used to produce recommendations about the meta-data categories that should be included in an online resource. The categories are generic, so that the recommendations can be followed in the design of meta-data resources for the more general agricultural modelling community.


carbon, soils, meta-data

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