Synergies between mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change in grassland-based farming systems

Agustin Del Prado, Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar, D. Chadwick, Tom Misselbrook, Daniel Sandars, Eric Audsley, M. R. Mosquera-Losada


Climate change mitigation and adaptation have generally been considered in separate settings for both scientific and policy viewpoints. Recently, it has been stressed (e.g. by the latest IPCC reports) the importance to consider both mitigation and adaptation from land management together. To date, although there is already large amount of studies considering climate mitigation and adaptation in relation to grassland-based systems, there are no studies that analyse the potential synergies and tradeoffs for the main climate change mitigation and adaptation measures within the current European Policy context. This paper reviews which mitigation and adaptation measures interact with each other and how, and it explores the potential limitations and strengths of the different policy instruments that may have an effect in European grassland-based livestock systems.

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