Climate change. From an Integrated Farm Management perspective

Martijn Buijsse


Integrated Farm Management (IFM) is a holistic approach characterised by a continuous  improvement process in the delivery of more sustainable agriculture. Members of EISA  collaborate on this in order to create a united voice for sustainable agriculture and its practical  implementation on the ground through the development and promotion of IFM.  In this presentation impacts from integrated farmers who are associated by EISAs national  members LEAF (UK) and Skylark (the Netherlands) will be highlighted. What measures do they  take, how is the adoption rate, what are the innovations the farmers are working on and how  does it work in between these two regions that are characterised as mostly intensive agricultural  areas? The main question for debate is whether farming is able to deliver solutions to the aims of  the Paris Agreement and what MACSUR can do in order to support the farmers in achieving this.

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