Does collaborative farm-scale modelling address current challenges and future opportunities?

Nick Hutchings, I. Weindl, C. F.E. Topp, V. O. Snow, A. Rotz, H. Raynal, Ş. Özkan Gülzari, R. Martin, D. P. Holzworth, A.-I. Graux, P. Faverdin, A. Del Prado, R. Eckard, A. Bannink


  • Resources required increasing, resources available decreasing
    • Farm-scale modellers will need to make strategic decisions
  • Single-owner models
    • May continue with additional resources
    • Risk of ‘succession’ problem
  • Community modelling is an alternative
    • Need to continue building a community of farm modellers
The results will be published as a peer-reviewed article.


farm-scale moelling

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