Modelling climate change adaptation in European agriculture: Definitions and Current Modelling

Kairsty Topp, Vera Eory, André Bannink, Dave J. Bartley, Isabel Blanco-Penedo, Raffaele Cortignani, Agustin Del Prado, Gabriele Dono, Philippe Faverdin, Anne-Isabelle Graux, Nick Hutchings, Ludwig Lauwers, Şeyda Özkan Gülzari, Susanne Rolinski, Margarita Ruiz Ramos, Daniel L. Sandars, Renata Sándor, Martin Schoenhart, Giovanna Seddaiu, Jantine van Middelkoop, I. Weindl, Richard P. Kipling


Confidential content, in preparation for a peer-reviewed publication.

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