Crop residue management as a strategy of adaptation and mitigation to climate change

D Ventrella, L Giglio, M Bindi, B Basso, U Bonciarelli, A Dalla Marta, F Danuso, L Doro, R Ferrise, F Fornaro, P Garofalo, F Ginaldi, I Iocola, P Merante, L Mula, A Onofri, S Orlandini, M Pasqui, R Tomozeiu, G Villani, A.V. Vonella, P.P. Roggero


This paper reports the first results of a research developed in the context of the three-years (2013-16) research project "IC-FAR - Linking long term observatories with crop system modelling for better understanding of climate change impact and adaptation strategies for Italian cropping systems" ( goals are : i) to parameterize crop models considering two Long Term Agro-Ecosystem experiments (LTAE) located in experimental farms of Foggia (FG) and Papiano, Perugia (PG), in Southern and Central Italy, respectively and ii) to evaluate the crop residue (CR) management as a strategy of adaptation and/or mitigation to climate change forecasted for the reference areas of the LTEs in study. Climate scenarios were generated by setting up a statistical model using predictors from ERA40 reanalysis and seasonal indices of temperature and precipitation from E-OBS gridded data for the period 1958-2010. The statistical downscaling model was applied to CMCC-CM predictors to obtain climate scenarios at local scale over the period 1971-2000 and 2021-2050 (RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios).

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