Cost-effectiveness of greenhouse gases mitigation measures in the Andean agriculture: an economic and environmental perspective

J Cayambe, (submitter)


The study was carried out in the Andean region of Ecuador, because this is the largest agricultural region of the country and may illustrate the Andean farming systems of all South America. We focused on potato crop because it is one of the main sources of employment and income in regional rural sector and because it is a staple food in the diet.We estimated the mitigation potential of measures and their associated costs, assessing environmental and economic approach. Our methodological approach is summarized below:(1) We made a list initial of GHG mitigation practices in agricultural soils based on literature review and contributions from the research team. Practices not applicable to crop were eliminated.(2) The abatement potential of practices was evaluated by information taken from publications and studies in regions with climatic conditions similar to the area study.(3) We estimated the marginal abatement cost (US$·tCO2e-1) by calculating the abatement potential rate (tCO2e·ha-1·yr-1) and the change in profits of farmers when using mitigation practices (US$·farm-1·yr-1).(4) We selected practices more cost-effective through marginal abatement cost curves (MACC)In the last decade there has been a development of policies and programs in Ecuador aiming to increase household food security, to reduce poverty through improved livelihoods. However, a significant number of voluntary national mitigation actions are being developed. These results were used to contribute to the knowledge of mitigation options at a regional level and to provide information about climate change and agricultural policies in the Andean region. Finally, the study provides a methodological framework that can be easily applied to other crops.

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