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LiveM2016: International livestock modelling conference – Modelling grassland-livestock systems under climate change

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Vol 8 (2016) LiveM2016: International livestock modelling conference – Modelling grassland-livestock systems under climate change Details   Programme
Richard P Kipling
Vol 8 (2016) Data driven dairy decision for farmers Abstract   PDF
Isabel Blanco-Penedo et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Index-based costs of livestock production (INCAP.l) in Austria – the suckler cow and beef calf production activity Abstract   PDF
Karin Heinschink et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Farms and Ecosystems in a Grassland Dominated Austrian Landscape Abstract   PDF
Martin Schönhart et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Economic assessment of greenhouse gas mitigation on livestock farms Abstract   PDF
Vera Eory et al.
Vol 8 (2016) The effect of season, month and temperature humidity index on the occurrence of clinical mastitis in dairy heifers Abstract   PDF
Andrea Vitali
Vol 8 (2016) Farm management and sustainability indicators: What and how to include in farm scale models? Abstract   PDF
Vera Eory, Nick Hutchings
Vol 8 (2016) Exploring grass-based beef production under climate change by integration of grass and cattle growth models Abstract   PDF
Aart van der Linden
Vol 8 (2016) Towards sustainable livestock production systems: Analyzing ecological constraints to grazing intensity Abstract   PDF
Tamara Fetzel et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Modelling responses of forages to climate change with a focus on nutritive value Abstract   PDF
Perttu Virkajärvi et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Lifetime nitrogen efficiency of dairy cattle: Model description and sensitivity analysis Abstract   PDF
Andreas Foskolis, Jon Moorby
Vol 8 (2016) Stakeholder engagement and the perceptions of researchers: How agricultural modellers view challenges to communication Abstract   PDF
Richard P Kipling, Şeyda Özkan
Vol 8 (2016) Heat stress effects in milk yield and milk traits at farm scale Abstract   PDF
Elena Galán et al.
Vol 8 (2016) An integrated modelling approach to assess optimisation potentials for cattle housing climate Abstract   PDF
Sabrina Hempel et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Modelling heat stress on livestock: how can we reach long-term and global coverage? Abstract   PDF
David Leclère, Petr Havlík
Vol 8 (2016) World food supply and water resources: an agricultural-hydrological perspective (AgroHyd) Abstract   PDF
Katrin Drastig et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Modelling the impacts of seasonal drought on herbage growth under climate change Abstract   PDF
Pierluigi Calanca
Vol 8 (2016) Global Research Alliance on Greenhouse Gases - benchmark and ensemble crop and grassland model estimates Abstract   PDF
Renáta Sándor et al.
Vol 8 (2016) INNO Mil-CH4 GHG Emissions from Milk Production Abstract   PDF
Simona Menardo et al.
Vol 8 (2016) A comparison of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from dairy farms by four systems models with eight agro-climatic scenarios Abstract   PDF
Daniel Sandars et al.
Vol 8 (2016) Food and nutrition security in Europe – a quantification of multi-stakeholder scenarios Abstract   PDF
Andre Deppermann et al.
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