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FACCE MACSUR Joint Workshops October 2015

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Vol 7 (2015) Long term lysimeter device of Fagnières (F- 51) Abstract   LINK (MACSUR ACCESS ONLY)
Nicolas Beaudoin
Vol 7 (2015) Inter-model variability in wheat yield responses to changes in climate in the IRS1 model experiment Details   PDF
Stefan Fronzek
Vol 7 (2015) Climate scenarios in MACSUR2 Details   PDF
Stefan Fronzek
Vol 7 (2015) Sustainable land management. An international research prgram based on 12 regional projects in 4 continents Details   PDF
Axel Paulsch
Vol 7 (2015) Policy support in MACSUR Details   PDF
Floor Brouwer , Reimund Rötter , Franz Sinabell
Vol 7 (2015) Uncertainty in simulating N uptake and N use efficiency in the crop rotation systems across Europe Details   PDF
Xiaogang Yin
Vol 7 (2015) Data Aggregation effects on the regional N Cycle Abstract
Edwin Haas
Vol 7 (2015) Markov Chain as Model of daily total precipitation and a prediction of future natural events Abstract
Waldemar Bojar
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