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Socio-economic Modelling

Issue Title
Vol 6 (2015) Prototype of stochastic equilibrium model of the food system Abstract   PDF
Øyvind Hoveid
Vol 6 (2015) Climate-dependent yields Abstract   PDF
Ruslana Rachel Palatnik
Vol 6 (2015) Model integration with economist perspectives Abstract   PDF
Giovanni Quaranta
Vol 6 (2015) Climate dependent equilibrium model Abstract   PDF
Anne Biewald
Vol 2 (2013) Filling gaps: AgMIP scenario results from CAPRI Abstract   PDF
Andrea Zimmermann, Heinz-Peter Witzke, Thomas Heckelei
Vol 3 (2014) Curriculum for training course on policy impact assessment Abstract   PDF
Hannes König, Katharina Helming, Ofira Ayalon, Edan Benami, Ruslana Rachel Palatnik
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Incorporating uncertainty in a deterministic agricultural sector model Abstract
Klaus Mittenzwei
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Integrated assessment of business crop productivity and profitability for use in food supply forecasting Abstract   Short Paper (PDF)
Waldemar Bojar, Leszek Knopik, Jacek Żarski
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Climate change adaptation: a farm level model to assess investment decisions in water storage Abstract
Matteo Zavalloni, Valentina Marconi, davide viaggi, Meri Raggi
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement The state-contingent approach to production and choice under uncertainty: usefulness as a basis for economic modeling Abstract   Presentation (PDF)   Short Paper (PDF)
Denitsa Angelova
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement The development of cereals and oilseed production until 2050 under different socioeconomic conditions in Finland Abstract
Anne Biewald
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Land use dynamics and the environment Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Carmen Camacho, Agustin Perez-Barahona
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement TradeM planning session of pilot studies Abstract
Floor Brouwer, Franz Sinabell
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement The adaptation of farm and awareness of ongoing climate change (CC) Abstract
Gabriele Dono, Raffaele Cortignani, Luca Doro, Pier Paolo Roggero
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement A computable general equilibrium assessment of Spain's greenhouse gas emissions policies and abatement options Abstract
Michael Geoffrey Bourne, George Philippidis
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Regional Pilot Case Study: Mostviertal – AT, upcoming project phase Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Martin Schönhart
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Comparing visions for CAP reforms post 2015: Farmer intentions and farm bio-economic modelling Abstract   Short Paper (PDF)
Andrew Barnes, Shailesh Shrestha, Steven Thomson, Luiza Toma, Keith Mathews, Lee Ann Sutherland
Vol 1 (2013) Factsheets of the models Abstract   PDF
Waldemar Bojar
Vol 1 (2013) Modelling Food Security and Climate Change: Scenario Analysis Abstract   PDF
Andrew Barnes, Dominic Moran
Vol 1 (2013) Most relevant aspects of climate change in hot-spot analysis Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Dono
Vol 1 (2013) Storylines regarding climate change and scenarios Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Dono
Vol 1 (2013) MACSUR TradeM Workshop Exploring new ideas for trade and agriculture model integration for assessing the impacts of climate change on food security Abstract   PDF
Waldemar Bojar
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