Web-based service of farm-level future climate and agro-information with RCP climate change scenarios

K.H. Moon, (submitter)


For the farm-level adaptation against climate change, we developed web-based information services for future climate and related to agricultural production. Firstly we developed high-definition digital climate maps (DCMs) of RCP8.5 and RCP4.5 scenarios, which were made by a combination of dynamical and statistical downscaling methods. For the monthly DCM of 30-yr normals of 30m or 270m resolutions, produced using micro-climate models for spatial interpolation among weather stations, we added future anomaly maps from normals with RCP scenarios of 12.5km resolution of 10-yr intervals, provided by Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). Those models of altitude, topology, cold-air accumulation, temperature inversion and urban effects were incorporated in micro-climate models for maximum and minimum temperature maps, and modified PRISM (Parameter-elevation Relationships on Independent Slopes Model) was used for precipitation maps. Also we analyzed changes on crop growing zones based on proper ranges of temperature and precipitation for crop growing seasons of some temperate crops, such as apple, pear, persimmon, grape, kiwi fruit, using monthly DCMs. All of these information was provided through internet site (www.agdcm.kr) by putting farm address on the web.

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