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MACSUR Science Conference 2015: Presentations

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Vol 5 (2015) Intercomparison of timothy models in northern countries Abstract   PDF
Panu Korhonen
Vol 5 (2015) A prototype stochastic dynamic equilibrium model of the global food system Abstract   PDF
Øyvind Hoveid
Vol 5 (2015) Simulating crop rotations and management across climatic zones in Europe – an intercomparison study using fifteen models Abstract   PDF
Kurt Christian Kersebaum
Vol 5 (2015) A comparison of farm-scale models to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farms in Europe Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Hutchings
Vol 5 (2015) Ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from grazing cattle in Kenya Abstract
Mercedes Ibañez
Vol 5 (2015) An economist’s wish list for soil and crop modelling Abstract
Øyvind Hoveid
Vol 5 (2015) Season and temperature humidity index related changes of productive and health parameters in dairy cows and pigs Abstract   PDF
Nicola Lacetera
Vol 5 (2015) An approach to sustainability management within partnerships between heterogeneous actors – example from a Danish water catchment, dominated by dairy farms Abstract   PDF
Chris Kjeldsen
Vol 5 (2015) Effects of soil and climate input data aggregation on modelling regional crop yields Abstract
Holger Hoffmann
Vol 5 (2015) Effects of heat stress periods on milk production, milking frequency and rumination time of grazing dairy cows milked by a mobile automatic system in 2013 Abstract   PDF
F. Lessire
Vol 5 (2015) Meta-analysis of recent scientific evidence on climate impacts and uncertainty on crop yields in Europe Abstract
Jerry Knox
Vol 5 (2015) Common Agricultural Policy and climate variability changes: an impact assessment of the first-pillar reform on an agricultural area of Grana Padano in different climate scenarios Abstract   PDF
Raffaele Cortignani
Vol 5 (2015) The regional trends in maize yield in Poland and its prediction according regional GLOBIOM –CAPRI baseline analysis for 2010, 2030 and 2050 Abstract
Anna Nieróbca
Vol 5 (2015) Participatory modelling for strategy design on dairy farms Abstract   PDF
Ludvig Lauwers
Vol 5 (2015) Responses of soil N2O emissions and nitrate leaching on climate input data aggregation: a biogeochemistry model ensemble study Abstract   PDF
Edwin Haas
Vol 5 (2015) Fuzzy-logic based multi-site crop model evaluation Abstract   PDF
Gianni Bellocchi
Vol 5 (2015) Methods to limit risks in agriculture in the era of climate change Abstract
Waldemar Bojar
Vol 5 (2015) Multifractal analysis of meteorological time series to assess climate impact on chosen regions of Europe Abstract
Piotr Baranowski
Vol 5 (2015) Trade-offs of dietary N-reducing dietary measures on enteric methane emission and P excretion in lactating cows Abstract   PDF
André Bannink
Vol 5 (2015) What drives meat consumption? Combining cross-country analysis with an applied trade model Abstract   PDF
Martin Banse
Vol 5 (2015) Ethical aspects in the economic modeling of water policy options Abstract
Anne Biewald
Vol 5 (2015) Assessing modelling approaches for simulating the effect of high temperature stress on yield Abstract   PDF
Per Bodin
Vol 5 (2015) Factors underlying changes in population of Phytophthora infestans in Poland Abstract
Marta Brylińska
Vol 5 (2015) What is a stronger determinant of soil respiration: soil temperature or moisture? Abstract   PDF (Poster)
Malgorzata Brzezinska
Vol 5 (2015) Impacts of Common Agricultural Policy 2015 reforms on animal health and welfare of Scottish dairy herds Abstract   PDF
Vosough Ahmadi
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