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Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Laboratory and field scale: two approaches for the evaluation of GHG emissions from dairy cows Abstract
S Menardo, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Modelling production and environmental impacts of perennial cropping systems with the STICS model Abstract
L Strullu, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement The feed story for dairy production systems under climate change Abstract   Untitled   Abstract
A Bannink, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Does the effect of the choice of crops has a stronger influence on regional water resources than those of climate variability Details
K Drastig, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessing priorities for enhancing adaptive capacity of agricultural systems to climate change using fuzzy logic-based approaches Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
G Seddaiu, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Developing a framework for critical assessment of stakeholder engagement activities. Abstract
R Kipling, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Extending the BASGRA model for timothy grass with functions to simulate impacts of climate change and sward management on yield and nutritive value. Abstract
M Höglind, T Persson, M Van Oijen
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Integrating the impact of climate change, price changes and recent CAP orientation on Mediterranean farming systems Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
R Cortignani, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Effects of nutrient supply on mitigation in a long-term experiment. Abstract
J.T. Aranyos, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement How is crop growth model calibration performed? Results of a survey. Abstract
S.J. Seidel, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Rethinking farm-scale modelling to meet new challenges and possibilities Abstract
N Hutchings, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement User co-design of state-of-the-art climate simulations: towards a better-informed agricultural sector Details
E van der Linden, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Recent advances in integrated assessments of climate change impacts on European agriculture. Abstract
H Webber, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Creating a dynamical farmer population model at country scale level. Abstract
V Beckers, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Integrated impact modelling of climate change and adaptation policies on land use and water resources in Austria" Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
M Schönhart, M Zessner, A Blaschke, J Parajka, G Hepp, B Strenn, H Trautvetter, E Schmid
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Multi-criteria tools for the assessment and implementation of geographically targeted measures to mitigate nutrient losses and adapt to climate change - examples from Denmark Abstract
T Dalgaard, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Effect of climate changes on plant disease under simulated conditions: challenges and limits Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
M Pugliese, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Modelling the impact of soil management on soil functions Abstract
H-J Vogel, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessing the role of farm-level adaptation in limiting the local economic impacts of more frequent extreme weather events in Dutch arable farming systems. Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
V Diogo, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement A new version of ORCHIDEE-GM with coupled carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus cycles: parameter calibration and model evaluation. Abstract
J Chang, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessing the Importance of Accounting for the Impacts of Global Climate Change on Relative Competitiveness and International Trade in the Agricultural Sector Abstract
R Beach, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Integrated modelling of agricultural adaptation and the value of precipitation information in a semi-arid Austrian region Details
K Karner, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Process-based modelling of the nutritive value of forages: a review Abstract
P Virkajärvi, P Korhonen, G Bellocchi, Y Curnel, L Wu, G Jego, T Persson, M Höglind, M Van Oijen, A-M Gustavsson, R.P. Kipling, A Rotz, T Palosuo, P Calanca
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessment of viticulture and winemaking vulnerability in the expected conditions of climate change in Ararat valley and foothills. Details
V Margaryan, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Modelling the impact of rural frontier migration on tropical deforestation. Abstract
A Van Rompaey, (submitter)
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