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Crop Modelling

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Vol 3 (2014): Supplement How does a crop model calibrated to national yield data perform on the field scale? Abstract
Livia Rasche, Ruth Sos Del Diego
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Parameter-induced uncertainty quantification of a regional N2O and NO3 inventory using the biogeochemical model LandscapeDNDC Abstract
Edwin Haas, Steffen Klatt, Ralf Kiese, Ignacio Santa Barbara Ruiz, David Kraus
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Reconciling estimates of climate change effects on nitrate leaching from agricultural crops Abstract
Jørgen Eivind Olesen, Mohamed Jabloun, Kirsten Schelde
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Responses of soil N2O emissions and nitrate leaching on climate input data aggregation: a biogeochemistry model ensemble study Abstract
Steffen Klatt, Edwin Haas, Ralf Kiese
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Modelling adaptation of wheat cultivar to increasing temperatures and heat stress Abstract   Poster (PDF)
Jørgen Eivind Olesen, Marija Vignjevic, Bernd Wollenweber
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Comparison of measured and modelled soil organic carbon for a northern European long-term experiment site Abstract   Poster (PDF)
Balázs Grosz, Rene Dechow
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies evaluation on staple food crops in different agro-climatic zones Abstract
Valentina Mereu, Donatella Spano, Andrea Gallo, Gianluca Carboni
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Model inter-comparison on crop rotation effects – an intermediate report Abstract
Kurt Christian Kersebaum, Chris Kollas, Marco Bindi, Taru Palosuo, Lianhai Wu, Behzad Sharif, Isik Öztürk, Mirek Trnka, Petr Hlavinka, Claas Nendel, Christoph Müller, Katharina Waha, Cecilia Armas-Herrera, Jørgen E Olesen, Josef Eitzinger, Pier Paolo Roggero, Tobias Conradt, Pierre Martre, Roberto Ferrise, Marco Moriondo, Margarita Ruiz-Ramos, Domenico Ventrella, Reimund P. Rötter, Martin Wegehenkel, Henrik Eckersten, Ignacio J. Lorite Torres, Carlos Gregorio Hernandez, Marie Launay, Allard de Wit, Holger Hoffmann, Hans-Joachim Weigel, Remigius Manderscheid, Nicolas Beaudoin, Julie Constantin, Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, Bruno Mary, Dominique Ripoche, Françoise Ruget
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Within-season predictions of durum wheat yield over the Mediterranean Basin Abstract   Poster (PDF)
Roberto Ferrise, Marco Moriondo, Massimiliano Pasqui, Jacopo Primicerio, Piero Toscano, Mikhail Semenov, Marco Bindi
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Assessing water and energy footprint of irrigated agriculture in the Mediterranean Abstract   Poster (PDF)
André Daccache
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Statistical learning approach for modelling the effects of climate change on oilseed rape yield Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Behzad Sharif, Jørgen Eivind Olesen, Kirsten Schelde
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Climate change impacts on natural pasturelands of Italian Apennines Abstract
Camilla Dibari, Giovanni Argenti, Francesco Catolfi, Marco Moriondo, Nicolina Staglianò, Marco Bindi
Vol 3 (2014) Results of uncalibrated model runs available (ROTATIONEFFECTS) Abstract   PDF
K. C. Kersebaum
Vol 2 (2013) Development of a common set of methods and protocols for assessing and communicating uncertainties Abstract   PDF
Daniel Wallach, Mike Rivington
Vol 2 (2013) Strategies for engagement on adaptation and mitigation with national and EU policy makers and with the agro-food chain sector Abstract   PDF
Pier Paolo Roggero
Vol 2 (2013) A strategy for the dissemination outputs at the national, EU and global levels Abstract   PDF
Derek Stewart
Vol 2 (2013) Data format for model in- and output Abstract   PDF
Taru Palosuo
Vol 2 (2013) Guidelines on extending on-going experiments with additional measurements to support crop modelling – Field experimental protocol Abstract   PDF
Miroslav Trnka
Vol 1 (2013) Identification of most important cropping systems and available models Abstract   PDF
Marco Bindi
Vol 1 (2013) Data classification and criteria catalogue for data requirements Abstract   PDF
Claas Nendel
Vol 6 (2015) Description of the compiled experimental data available in the MACSUR CropM database Abstract   PDF
Miroslav Trnka, K. Christian Kersebaum, Jørgen E. Olesen
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