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Livestock and Grassland Modelling

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Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Farm-scale modelling Abstract
Nicholas Hutchings
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Relationships between temperature humidity index, mortality, milk yield and composition in Italian dairy cows Abstract   Short Paper (PDF)
Nicola Lacetera, Andrea Vitali, Umberto Bernabucci, Alessandro Nardone
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Application of Biome-BGC MuSo in managed grassland ecosystems in the Euro-Mediteranean region Abstract   Poster (PDF)
Eszter Lellei-Kovács, Zoltán Barcza, Dóra Hidy, Ferenc Horváth, Dóra Ittzés, Péter Ittzés, Shaoxiu Ma, Gianni Bellocchi
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Do modellers dream of electric sheep? – Practical to mathematical and back again. Abstract
Dave Bartley
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Effects of climate change on feed availability and the implications for the livestock sector Abstract
Petr Havlik, David Leclere, Hugo Valin, Mario Herrero, Erwin Schmid, Michael Obersteiner
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Environmental impacts of grassland management and livestock production Abstract
Susanne Rolinski, Isabelle Weindl, Jens Heinke, Benjamin L Bodirsky, Anne Biewald, Hermann Lotze-Campen
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Bayesian inference of a dynamic vegetation model for grassland Abstract
Julien Minet, Eric Laloy, Bernard Tychon, Louis François
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Assessing the availability of data on grassland Carbon sequestration in Europe Abstract
Richard Philip Kipling, Axel Don, Kairsty Topp
Vol 3 (2014) Inventory of farm-scale models within LiveM Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Hutchings, Richard Kipling
Vol 3 (2014) Results of uncalibrated grassland model runs Abstract   PDF
Gianni Bellocchi, Shaoxiu Ma
Vol 2 (2013) Datasets classification and criteria for data requirements Abstract   PDF
Gianni Bellocchi, Shaoxiu Ma, Martin Köchy, Katharina Braunmiller
Vol 6 (2015) Report on cross-cutting approaches for the assessment of climate change adaption on selected EU sites or hotspots and potentials for adaption and mitigation in the dairy sector Abstract   PDF (MACSUR Access only)
Chris Kjeldsen, Anne-Mette Langvad Sørensen, Tommy Dalgaard, Morten Graversgard
Vol 1 (2013) Maps of grasslands in Europe Abstract   PDF
Martin Köchy
Vol 1 (2013) Uncertainties in climate change prediction and modelling Abstract   PDF
Susanne Rolinski, Eli Sætnan
Vol 1 (2013) Identification of datasets on climate change in relation to livestock productivity (production and fitness traits) and livestock infectious disease Abstract   PDF
Dave Bartley
Vol 1 (2013) National and transnational dairy cows biometeorological datasets linked to productive, reproductive and health performances data Abstract   PDF
Nicola Lacetera
Vol 1 (2013) Grassland datasets Abstract   PDF
Katharina Braunmiller, Martin Köchy
Vol 2 (2013) Identified grassland-livestock production systems and related models Abstract   PDF
Gianni Bellocchi, Shaoxiu Ma, Martin Köchy, Katharina Braunmiller
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