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Vol 10 (2017) Global Representative Agricultural Pathways for Europe Abstract   PDF
Anne Biewald, Franz Sinabell, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Andrea Zimmermann, Heikki Lehtonen
Vol 10 (2017) Integrated land use modelling — a course for doctoral students Abstract   PDF
Erwin Schmid
Vol 10 (2017) Relations between micrometeorological conditions and plant physiology Abstract   PDF
Luisa Leolini, Marco Moriondo, Roberto Ferrise, Marco Bindi
Vol 10 (2017) Yield gaps of cereals across Europe Abstract   PDF
René Schils
Vol 10 (2017) Online maps of Yield Gaps of cereals across Europe Abstract   PDF
René Schils
Vol 10 (2017) XC8 Extreme events – Final report Abstract   PDF
Jacob Bishop, Hermann Lotze-Campen
Vol 10 (2017) Challenges and research gaps in the area of integrated climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security: FACCE MACSUR Policy Brief 3 Abstract   Policy Brief (PDF)
Vol 10 (2017) Challenges and research gaps in the area of integrated climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security Abstract   PDF
Martin Köchy, Jacob Bishop, Heikki Lehtonen, Nigel Scollan, Heidi Webber, Andrea Zimmermann, Gianni Bellocchi, André Bannink, Anne Biewald, Roberto Ferrise, Katharina Helming, Richard P. Kipling, Anne Milford, Şeyda Özkan Gülzari, Margarita Ruiz-Ramos, Jantine Curth-van Middelkoop
Vol 10 (2017) Model comparison and improvement: Links established with other consortia Abstract   PDF
Gianni Bellocchi, Lorenzo Brilli, Roberto Ferrise, Camilla Dibari, Marco Bindi
Vol 10 (2017) Needs on model improvement Abstract   PDF
Lorenzo Brilli, Roberto Ferrise, Camilla Dibari, Marco Bindi, Gianni Bellocchi
Vol 7 (2015) Capacity building strategy Abstract   PDF
Eli Rudinow Saetnan
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Cross-cutting uncertainties in MACSUR impact projections Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Reimund Paul Rötter
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Methods for regional scale farming systems modelling and uncertainty assessment – sustainability assessment case studies of production, nutrient losses and greenhouse gas emissions from grassland based systems Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Tommy Dalgaard, Nick Hutchings, Egon Noe
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Integrated land use modelling of climate change impacts – preliminary results from two Austrian case study landscapes Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Martin Schönhart, Thomas Schauppenlehner, Erwin Schmid
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Modelling approach and first results on irrigation as climate change adaptation strategy of the project NaLaMa-nT Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Peter Zander, Johannes Schuler, Vera Porwollik, Jens-Martin Hecker
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Uncertainty analysis and management in the regional pilot case study 'Mostviertel region' Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Martin Schönhart
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Problems and opportunities in climate change adaptation in North Savo region Abstract   Poster (PDF)
Heikki Sakari Lehtonen, Pellervo Kässi, Panu Korhonen, Olli Niskanen, Reimund Rötter, Taru Palosuo, Xing Liu, Tuomo Purola
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Livestock production and the feed challenge Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Richard Philip Kipling, Nigel G Scollan
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Combining modeling and stakeholder involvement to build community adaptive responses to climate change in a Mediterranean agricultural district Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Pier Paolo Roggero, Giovanna Seddaiu, Luigi Ledda, Luca Doro, Paolo Deligios, Thi Phuoc Lai Nguyen, Massimiliano Pasqui, Sara Quaresima, Nicola Lacetera, Raffaele Cortignani, Gabriele Dono
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Regional analysis of climate change impact and adaptation strategies for winter durum wheat and tomato yield cultivated in Southern Italy Abstract   Poster (PDF)
Domenico Ventrella, Luisa Giglio
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Exploring yield gaps in the EU, concept and data Abstract
Andrea Zimmermann
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Regional Pilot Case Study Mostviertel – AT: Preliminary Results Abstract   Poster (PDF)   Poster 2 (PDF)
Martin Schönhart, T. Schauppenlehner, Erwin Schmid, Franz Sinabell
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement CO2 flux measurements in the vegetation period of winter wheat in Lubelskie province Abstract
Jaromir Radosław Krzyszczak, Piotr Baranowski, Cezary Sławiński
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement Prototype stochastic general equilibrium model of a global food system Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Øyvind Hoveid
Vol 3 (2014): Supplement A comprehensive climate characterization of the Oristano (Sardinia) regional pilot case study. Abstract   Poster 1 (PDF)   Poster 2 (PDF)
Massimiliano Pasqui, Sara Quaresima, Rodica Tomozeiu, Gabriele Dono, Luca Doro, Raffaele Cortignani, Luigi Ledda, Pier Paolo Roggero
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