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Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessing the Importance of Accounting for the Impacts of Global Climate Change on Relative Competitiveness and International Trade in the Agricultural Sector Abstract
R Beach, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Integrated modelling of agricultural adaptation and the value of precipitation information in a semi-arid Austrian region Details
K Karner, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Process-based modelling of the nutritive value of forages: a review Abstract
P Virkajärvi, P Korhonen, G Bellocchi, Y Curnel, L Wu, G Jego, T Persson, M Höglind, M Van Oijen, A-M Gustavsson, R.P. Kipling, A Rotz, T Palosuo, P Calanca
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessment of viticulture and winemaking vulnerability in the expected conditions of climate change in Ararat valley and foothills. Details
V Margaryan, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Modelling the impact of rural frontier migration on tropical deforestation. Abstract
A Van Rompaey, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Spatially explicit estimation of climate change related heat stress on the milk production of dairy cows in the United Kingdom Abstract
N Fodor, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Spatial analysis of multifractal spectra of the MERRA II meteorological time series Abstract
J Krzyszczak, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Probabilistic assessment of adaptation options from an ensemble of crop models: a case study in the Mediterranean Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
R Ferrise, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Recovering the costs of irrigation water with different pricing methods under Climate Change: insights from a Mediterranean case study Abstract
D Dell'Unto, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Watch It Grow, an innovative platform for a sustainable growth of the Belgian potato production. Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
Y Curnel, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Integrated assessment of farm level adaptation in Flevoland, the Netherlands: what did we learn from multiple methods and model chains Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
P Reidsma, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement The vulnerability and risk assessment of agricultural crops in the conditions of expected climate change in the Republic of Armenia. Details
V Margaryan, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Comparison of two calibration levels on the simulation of soil water content using nine crop models under different rotation schemes in five European sites. Abstract
M Lana, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement A pan-European analysis of the spatio-temporal patterns of yield gap and abiotic stresses for wheat Abstract
P Martre, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Regional adaptation of crop rotations as key factor to improve sustainability - integrative assessment of agricultural, ecological and economic impacts Abstract
M Glemnitz, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement The problem of series of days without rainfall in a view of efficiency of agricultural output under climate change Abstract   Poster   Abstract
W Bojar, L Knopik, R Kuśmierek-Tomaszewska, J Żarski
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Using impact response surfaces to analyse the likelihood of impacts on crop yield under a changing climate. Abstract
N Pirttioja, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Is a green tax on red meat a feasible strategy to achieve Norwegian GHG-emission targets for agriculture Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
K Mittenzwei, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Implications of input data aggregation on upscaling of soil organic carbon changes Abstract
B Grosz, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Assessment of climate change impacts on SOC dynamic in rainfed cereal cropping systems managed with contrasting tillage practices using a multi model approach Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
P.P. Roggero, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Multi-model approach for assessing sunflower food value chain in Tanzania Abstract
E Vilvert, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Effects of grassland management on the global carbon cycle. Abstract
S Rolinski, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Future climate change, yield variation, and impacts on farm management: a case study at a pilot regions in Finland Abstract   Presentation   Abstract
T Purola, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Simulation of perennial ryegrass quality traits using PaSim in a breeding context Abstract
T De Swaef, (submitter)
Vol 10 (2017): Supplement Effect of changing size and composition of a crop model ensemble on impact and adaptation response surfaces Abstract
A Rodríguez, M Ruiz-Ramos, T Palosuo, R Ferrise, I.J. Lorite, M Bindi, T.R. Carter, S Fronzek, N Pirttioja, P Baranowski, S Buis, D Cammarano, Y Chen, B Dumont, F Ewert, T Gaiser, P Hlavinka, H Hoffmann, J.G. Höhn, F Jurecka, K.C. Kersebaum, J Krzyszczak, M Lana, A Mechiche-Alami, J Minet, M Montesino, C Nendel, J.R. Porter, F Ruget, M.A. Semenov, Z Steinmetz, P Stratonovitch, I Supit, F Tao, M Trnka, A.D. Wit, R.P. Rötter
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